Sergio Marrone

Paper and cardboard, coloured boxes and ribbons: the fundamental elements I use to make my precious creations.

I am Sergio Marrone and I have been working in the Formisani Imballaggi for almost 30 years – as an employee before and now as the owner. The Formisani Imballaggi brand was born in 1941 in Pescara. In 74 years we have always been able to offer our Customers the best products and the best quality.

Why have I chosen this job? Well, my job choose me in 1986! The essential element of my work is creativity allowing me to let mind and hands work together.

My faithful helpers? A cutting and a creasing machines. These two German machines are still highly reliable despite their age…more than 100 years old! In the early 20th century the creasing machine used steam power to perform mechanical work, now it is electrical. We have kept these machines ‘young’ thanks to a good and constant maintenance. Their quality standards are still very high and give me the chance to make the best hand-made boxes.

My work is a great artistic experiment, every successful attempt means making better products. I love surprising people and sharing my art with them. A box is not a simple item but a bespoke box which preserves the artisans’ creativity, to magnify the great beauty of many artistic creations of our land – Abruzzo.

Every creation is YOUR little treasure chest!

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