The members of our team are not mere producers but artisans. men and Women who work the shapeless material with their hands, their talent, their creativity and great passion to give life to an object which will be part of your everyday life.

The CLABIT team firmly believes in the Italian traditions and in the strength of our artisans-artists’ values. The Italian art does not only belong to a glorious past but it continues to vibrate in the artistic reinterpretation and in the new life the artisans give to traditional and non traditional materials but always utilizing materials of great value and high quality.

Nowadays we witness to a pure plague: the spread of the false Made in Italy. This detestable custom clouds the Italian manufacturing sector preventing the excellence of our Country to spread through the world. The hard work of many generations of artisans, the silent and unremitting knowledge and acquired skills are perseveringly and inexorably damaged. The CLABIT team will make every efforts to give voice to the true Italian creativity.

Our artisans: the beating heart and the vibrating soul of CLABIT.

1. MAURIZIO CARBONE - My artistic creations are a genuine act of sharing WITH you!

My name is Maurizio Carbone and I am a ceramic artist in Castelli (Abruzzo - Italy). Earth, Water, Air and Fire…when these elements of nature come properly into contact with one another, the excellence of the Italian ceramic comes to life. I love creating new objects combining tradition and modernity!

2. SERGIO MARRONE - Every creation is YOUR little treasure chest

I am Sergio Marrone and I have been working in the Formisani Imballaggi for almost 30 years. My work is a great artistic experiment, every successful attempt means making better products. I love surprising people and sharing my art with them. A box is not a simple box but the box, tailored for you, to preserve the artisans’ creativity, to magnify the great beauty of many artistic creations of our land – Abruzzo."


3. AMATO BONTEMPO - My artistic creations are a great act of LOVE for you!

Every strong company has a long tradition. Every Italian company has a family tradition. My name is Amato Bontempo and I am a ceramic artist whose company has a great family story. Since 1862 BonTempo Ceramiche has been the symbol of the old ceramic tradition of Abruzzo.