Wine bottle Coaster - TREBBIANO

Wine bottle Coaster - TREBBIANO

Wine bottle Coaster - TREBBIANO

by Bontempo Ceramiche Dal 1862

$ 29.19

Ceramic wine bottle coaster

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Story behind the product: This beautiful and entirely handmade masterpiece comes from the skilful hands of the artisans of the Bontempo Ceramiche dal 1862. "TREBBIANO" is the symbol of the great craftsmanship of the Region of Abruzzo.

On the typical Italian table you can't forget a bottle of wine...but what about the eventual stains on the cloth?

Don't worry, CLABIT has the solution: "TREBBIANO", a beautiful wine bottle coaster!  It is the perfect bottle coaster suitable both for everyday use or for an elegant dinner table!

 "TREBBIANO" is available in 4 decorations:

  1. FIORACCIO: this rustic decor is a polychromatic floral decoration made through the “a fioraccio” technique using the typical colours: blue, red, yellow and orange
  2. FIORACCIO BLU&GIALLO: the floral decoration is made through the “a fioraccio” technique using predominantly the colours blue and yellow;
  3. ROSESPINE: the floral decoration shows small ocre, red and blue flowers surrounded by green leaves;
  4. ROSESPINE VERDE: the floral decoration shows small green flowers in shades of green.

These decorations are a tribute to the beautiful Nature which surrounds us here in Abruzzo!

Free personalisation: Do you want to make an unforgettable gift for someone important in your life?  Write a name (or names) on the back of the item and make a unique product, only for someone you love!


Declaration of EU Food Contact Compliance: All the ceramic articles do NOT contain any toxic substances, such as lead or cadmium. All the articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs are 100% health safe. All the products comply with the European standards and meet the requirements of the Commission Directive 2005/31/EC.


Guarantee: The Bontempo Ceramiche dal 1862 made this polished and high-valued item in their workshop in Francavilla al Mare (Abruzzo – Italy). All Bontempo’s products are hand-moulded and free-hand painted. Certain variations in color, paint smudges, fingerprints are characteristic of the artisan workmanship of Bontempo’s unique products and are not to be considered defects. This artistic creation is entirely made according to the secular ceramic tradition of the Abruzzo Region. A certificate guarantees every creation attesting its authenticity.    

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Dimension: Diameter 12cm, Height 6cm
  • Weight: 350gr (approximately)
  • Note: Any slight imperfections in shape and colour should not be considered as a defect but forms part of the beauty and authenticity of the hand-crafted product. Sizes and weights provided are subject to slight variations. The images have the sole purpose of illustrating the product features. Actual colours may vary from the colour on the screen due to different types of lighting and with different monitor settings.

To preserve your ceramic tableware follow these tips:

Can I put my Bontempo tableware in the dishwasher?

All tableware may be placed in the dishwasher, using proper care, although we recommend hand washing. If you want to use your dishwasher, we recommend using a fine cycle, low heat and a good quality detergent. Load the dishwasher carefully - it is better to place the plates or ceramic accessories far apart to avoid touching each other during the dishwashing cycle. Use a non-abrasive dishwasher detergent.

How should I hand wash my Bontempo tableware?

All Bontempo tableware is easy to clean, either using a dishwasher or by hand using conventional detergents. When hand washing it is recommended to use a soft brush or sponge . Wash your tableware as soon as possible after use and avoid using abrasive detergent. We recommend liquid detergents over powder and recommend against using detergents with “lemon” or other citrus scents/additives as they can have a long-term detrimental effect on ceramic glazes and cause colors to fade.

How quickly should I wash or rinse my Bontempo tableware?

Coffee and tea cups should be rinsed immediately to avoid staining. Acidic foods such as vinegar, mayonnaise, tartar sauce, and eggs can damage the glaze and the color if left for long periods.

Can I put my Bontempo tableware in the conventional oven?

No, all Bontempo dinnerware products are made to be used only as serving pieces and not cookware, and therefore not suitable for conventional oven use.

Can I put my Bontempo tableware in the microwave oven?

No, all Bontempo dinnerware products are made to be used only as serving pieces and not suitable for microwave oven use.

If you require any further information about the item, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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