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The brick with wooden frame is an exact reproduction of the 16th century pianella

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Story behind the product: The brick with wood frame SOL, LUNA ET STELLA (SERIES ASTRUM) shows an exact reproduction of the 16th century pianella (brick), which can be admired in the church of San Donato (16th century) in Castelli (Abruzzo - Italy). In 1963 Carlo Levi described the church as “the Sistine Chapel of Italian majolica”. The brick portrays the celestial bodies – painted on a blue background – bearing the old Latin mottos which refer to the Virgin Mary’s virtues. Every celestial body shows a Latin motto: the sun ESS – “Electa Sicut Sol” (i.e., bright-shining as the sun); the full moon TPE – “Tota Pulchra Est” (i.e., (she) is all beautiful); a quarter of the moon PSL – “Pulchra Sicut Luna” (i.e., beautiful as the moon); the star SM – “Stella Maris” (i.e., star of the sea).

The valuable natural oak wood frame surrounds the brick fastened by manufactured nails.

Curiosity: The great artistic value of these handmade products has been renowned in all the European continent since the 16th century. From this time on, the great request for items by the main European courts – makes the Castelli majolicas as the most popular and desired. Nowadays we can admire these antique pottery in the most important art museums around the world as the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg, the Louvre Museum of Paris, the British Museum of London, the Castello Sforzesco Museum of Milan. Even today, the old Castelli ceramic tradition distinguishes itself because of the unaltered continuation of these secular and original production processes. A certificate guarantees the authenticity of every single artistic creation. Moreover, every item has an official seal – or the country of origin brand – impressed which assures the object is realized only and exclusively in the Municipality of Castelli.


Guarantee: This polished and high-valued item is handcrafted and hand painted in the old village of Castelli (Abruzzo – Italy). This artistic creation is entirely made according to the secular ceramic tradition. The back of the object bears the official seal – or mark of origin – ensuring the Customer that the product was manufactured only and exclusively in the municipality of Castelli. A certificate guarantees every creation attesting its authenticity.

  • Material: Ceramic and natural oak wood
  • Weight: 4,5 Kg
  • Brick dimensions: Height 30cm, Length 30cm, Depth 2.5cm
  • Wood frame dimensions: Height 43cm, Length 43cm, Depth 2.5cm
  • Note: For decorative purposes only. Any slight imperfections in shape and colour should not be considered as a defect but forms part of the beauty and authenticity of the hand-crafted product. The images have the sole purpose of illustrating the product features. Actual colours may vary from the colour on the screen due to different types of lighting and with different monitor settings.

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